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Rome, Italy & Paris, France, January 2017

What an incredibly journey, I explored crazy amounts, cried, and laughed too much. I need to keep traveling, please let tell me where to go next! 🙂



The North

You feel

You get to look into the glass to see how full it is

You get the feel the glass cup press up against your lip

You feel cold

You get to feel crystalized and magnified


When your friends pass away you must think about the sadness that follow your soul into the darkness. Whose sadness matters more? Yours or the family? Is there a scale? [If so, share it with me when you have the opportunity.] Does it matter what anyone else feels when you are contemplating how to react and how to understand. Does that make you selfish, does it discontinue your thoughts and because you’re thinking like this does it mean you don’t actually care? You and your experiences matter the most to you, so shouldn’t it be about the journey back to the subject that makes the emotional experience possible. It is also the most difficult part of grief, the journey back to the subject matter, it’s a challenge. It makes you think about the connection between yourself and the black hole of death. Frank O’Hara write “destroy yourself if you don’t know”. Be emotionally available and stop fronting.

July 10, 2013 – 11:25am

Why am I moving to Iowa?

I want to leave Boston and explore something very new and exciting. I want to challenge myself and I want to understand what it feels like to not be 45 minutes away from home. Most of all I want to know I can survive outside of Massachusetts and away from Betty.

I know I will miss Betty, but I also know she wants me to do this, to be successful. “I love you even though i know it is not fair” The Used

June 30, 2013 5

  1. I’m thinking about becoming an environmental advocate… I am usually the person who is offended when people ask if something should be recycled, I am a vegan. But that doesn’t mean I am educated on the environment. But now I have decided to do it. I want to be smarter. NAWT. “Hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY by Counterevolution”. 

June 30, 2013 3

  1. I am sitting in the kenmore starbucks drinking a fancy summer special coffee blend when I am supposed to be volunteering at the CLIMB AMERICA event. I also skipped yesterday. I hardly feel guilty or “bad”. I’m a year round “paid” volunteer.