5 responses to “How can you tell if someone likes you?” on Yahoo! Answers

How WILL I knowwwwwww?

The following responses have been pasted directly from Yahoo! Answers:

  1. When a girl relieses they like you, they’ll probably be quiet for the rest of the day.
  2. You can tell if they act sweet. Usually girls who are into you act as if they are nervous. If can see if their cheeks are turning red, or even they’re whole face. They usually do a nervous habit. Mine is biting my nails. If you see them doing anything out of the ordinary with they’re face red as your talking to them, or if your just watching them, they probably like you. I hope I helped!
    -Joan and Hope
  3. Thiers many ways!
    Umm im a qurl so when i like a boy i just always try to flirt be in activities wid him be so close try to be his bestfrnd or ever more than that!!
    Thier is this kid i USED TO LIKE n i qot to be his bff we went out for a whole year i qots over him bc hea jst a player fr he’ll just want the attention from the qurl i didnt tot of dhat but i usally dnt date but sure like alot of boys.
    Also its very easy to know dhat a qurl likes yuh!
    1: Thier actions
    Meaninq look at when thier talkinq to yuh n see if they look down or start blushinq im dhat person!!
    But not into my ****** opinion when i like a boy i have the ****** balls to say it thier face like wtf then why like someone! Thier not qunna find out like pow ik the next day NO!!! Tell them (;
    I hope this helped
  4. If she likes you, she is a door. Open it. UNLOCK THE TREASURE INSIDE
  5. Dude your a man , @$k her out

Well, if you think someone likes you… you better follow the Yahoo! god’s advice.

Brought to you by: Yahoo! Answers 



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