Road Trip of 2014

In June of 2014 me and my three friends went on an epic road trip, we explored new communities, saw varying wild life, and were exposed to new foods in new cultures. On average we drove over 8 hours a day for 29 days (9,000 miles), and by the end we lost someone (went to her sisters high school graduation then Italy), became more of a family, and figured out why people shouldn’t live off of trail mix, vienna sausages, peanut butter, beer, and McDonalds. By the end of the trip we each spent around $1,100 and gained a life long appreciation for the beautiful United States of America.

We travelled to:

Boston, MA

New York City, NY

Chicago, IL

Kansas City, MO

Denver, CO, Boulder, CO, & Colorado Springs, CO

Wyoming // Montana — Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park

Boise, ID

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR

Eureka, CA

Napa Valley, CA

San Francisco, CA & Oakland, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Albuquerque, NM

Austin, TX, Houston, TX, & Sugarland, TX

New Orleans, LO

Atlanta, GA

Washington, DC


Grand Teton National Park – Wyoming


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