Thigh or Breast?

Thesis: Humans who are attracted to breasts (specifically on a female) seek attention from women with larger breasts because, he/she/ze was never breast fed. Therefore, humans who are attracted to breasts on a female are more likely to have not been breast fed.

Gathering Data: 10 people were interviewed and were asked the following questions: Do you prefer the breast of a woman or the buttocks? Were you breast fed? If no, do you know why?

Measuring Data: 40% Of men / women (surveyed at Wheelock College) whom took part in the survey were breast fed and were attracted to breasts on a female, while the 60% of men / women who were not breast fed, still held a large attraction to females with breasts.

Analyzing Data: The thesis was proved to be incorrect. A majority of Men / women prefer women’s breasts over buttocks. 

Comment from participant: According to one male whom took the survey “its much more complex describing a perfect ass vs perfect rack when I say fat I mean a lot more.” Indicating that they find the buttocks to be more defined state to a females looks… This person was breast fed.


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