Emotional Intelligence Training: FIELD OF FEELS

Fields of Feels


Teams often find themselves unable to communicate effectively through direct conversations, it can be extremely difficult for introverts and extroverts to be able to get their frustrations and concerns out when they are not feeling heard or appreciated. This can also be true when people feel great and want to have the opportunity to share that feeling with everyone. The ‘Fields of Feels’ was adapted by the Spruce 6 Field Team Leader when she noticed that there were a few members on the team whom were not feeling respected and wanted to get their feelings out. The activity includes a leadership development starter and goes into a question and answer period facilitated around feelings (i.e. respect, sadness, happiness, love, despair). This activity is similar to ‘Hands of Peace’, but it is based solely around individuals affected by the team. Supplies: Flip Chart Paper, Markers, Questions, Paper for notes, and Pens.

Activity One: “The Leadership Compass”

Time: 25 minutes

Four flip charts will be hanging around the hotel lobby labeled North, South, East, and West. Per the compass activity the team members will walk around the room and choose which direction they feel most connected with (leadership wise and emotionally). The facilitator will then prompt the team with the following questions:

  1. What drew you to this sign?
  2. Why?
  3. How do you respond to conflict?
  4. Do you feel like you would have identified with this sign before this program?
  5. Do you see how your leadership style could be difficult to work with?

    — Can you think of a specific time when it was particularly difficult to see eye to eye with a different leadership compass direction? (in or out of the team)

  • Write down things people should know to be able to work with you better as a (insert direction)
  • Write down things people should know about your leadership style.
  • The team will reflect on the activity by having an open discussion around how they can use this compass to work on team based projects (FEMA, ISP, POC, PT, etc.)

Activity Two: F is for Feeling Questions

Time: 50 minutes

The facilitator emails the questions a week prior to the activity to ensure that everyone on the team has the ability to think about the questions and to make sure no one feels emotionally caught off guard. The team members will be asked not to discuss the questions with other teammates in order to keep this activity fresh. On the day of the activity the team will gather in a circle in a comfortable area (TL’s room). Every member of the team will be required to share with the group. This is to ensure that everyone on the team feels like there is sharing equality and that team members are not speaking to other team members who are not willing to be open. The suggested questions are below:

  • Define the word critical
  • In the perfect world what would your LAA look like? 1 year – 2 years
  • What is really bothering you right now?
  • What troubles you about the team?
  • What do you miss most about your home?
  • What was your highest point in the program?
  • What was your lowest point in the program? Why?
  • Describe your dream date – why – who – where
  • How do you want to receive feedback?
  • How do you handle conflict? How did you handle conflict before NCCC – FEMA Corps?
  • Do you feel like the team is really a team? What’s holding us back from being a team? What needs to be done to become a team?
  • Have you felt disrespected this round?
  • What’s your single biggest worry/concern at the moment?


    Get the team members to open up and expose leadership personalities, conflict resolution, and emotional identities. This will be a productive way for the team to understand where people are coming from and why they are in this program. It will also be a great way for the team to express how they FEEL. Feelings are the most important things to keep with you throughout the AmeriCorps NCCC – FEMA Corps program… STAR THAT.

    Add-ons for Fields of Feels:

  1. Asking everyone on the team to write an email to someone in the corps (staff member, CM, TL) who has made a positive effect on you. This could be as easy as a thank you letter.
  2. Writing kudos’ every week
    1. Write each members name on one envelop and ask the team to write a kudos every week during the round for a member of the team (more if you want). E.G. This could be optional or mandatory
    2. By the end of the round there will be more appreciation and feels will be high
    3. Write everyone on the team appreciation post it notes and place them on computers during lunch
    4. Ask each person to explain their cultural identity – explaining what shaped their life and how they got to this program (NCCC)
    5. Every team meeting have a 10 minute ‘feelings block’
      • Everyone goes around and participates in ‘fear and share’ — Each member says a fear they have and shares something positive
      • Pulse check on how people are doing as CMs and how they are doing as people
      • High Low High
    6. Ask one person each week to share something with the team this could be a 10 minute lesson on
    7. Ask one person each week to share something with the team this could be a 10 minute lesson on Communism, their favorite song, a ted talk, or anything that person is passionate / knowledgable about
    8. Ask everyone to go around and say something they love about the team
    9. Close the team meeting out with something inspirational and happy
    10. Ask each member to bring 5 photos to a meeting that represent their past

For more information email me: Nialrafie@Gmail.Com


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