1. Sip – Ster / Chic – Ster
    • a person who follows the uncontrollably strong smell of freshly roasted coffee beans, listens to sad folk music, and especially those regarded as being inside the cultural mainstream of Seattle, Washington.

The one time I went exploring the downtown neighborhoods in Seattle, Washington I saw several individuals walking the streets, headphones in, coffee in hand, and smug smiles (like everything they heard was shit cool). I had been traveling on a cross country road trip, and it was my first time seeing the Pacific North-West. It was the first time I saw people IN Seattle. It was the first time I created a label for an un-label-able community. It’s easy to lump people into a group when you see them, smell them, and want to live the life they live. A sipster / chicster has impeccable fashion, like out of vogue (if Vogue was for vagabonds and underpaid / unemployed randos). A sipster / chicster is someone who cares about what you think because they care about humanity and life and love. It’s different than a hipster, because they aren’t as angry and anti – government. They don’t have the North East face, the eyes that cry for less snow and longer Falls. Go to Seattle, and live it.


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