image - Flickr / Stuart Rankin

Curl up in your cocoon. This Saturday, the Sun slips into Virgo, your intimate and private eighth house. Your energy gets micro-focused, and you’ll want to radar in on a select few people and topics. Aim for depth over breadth, as this is an excellent month for research, soul searching and deep conversations. A relationship could get super-serious, with talk of engagement, moving in or even a pregnancy. In business, a joint venture is possible so pursue partnerships with people who have resources you could tap into, and vice versa. You can already start trolling for your other half on Sunday, when the moon hangs in Leo and your seventh house of partnerships. Opposites attract, so look beyond your usual suspects to find that complementary force. If you have paperwork to fill out or any legal contracts to tend to, spend a little time on Sunday reading the fine print. And if it’s too complex to understand, hire a lawyer so you don’t get stuck in a raw deal

— Elle Magazine


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