What does it mean to fall in love with art?

Standing in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, I found myself looking for an answer to my ever present question about art, What does it mean to fall in love with art? I can’t even comprehend what it means to actually fall in love with someone, let alone a concept or aesthetically pleasing canvas. I contemplated this question while staring at an Andy Warhol painting, in which the ‘paint’ was urine, and the platform for the art was a metal plank. Art has always been a passion of mine, I used it as a way to escape boredom, and as a way to illustrate a story that I could never tell my friends. I was really shy and nervous before I started introducing art into my own personal journey. Over the years I have allowed myself to be an introvert when painting and I have allowed myself to become more engaged in human interaction. It’s interesting to me that I am perplexed by this one small question. I fell in love with art by the experience of enjoyment, by being able to articulate (to myself) what it means to be happy. Maybe there isn’t an answer for that can be blanketed for everyone involved, maybe it’s just a question you need to answer for yourself? 

10518634_10204394766609629_1042063308838971038_n San Francisco, 2014

10553466_10204414048771671_2493426482833826040_n Boston, 2014

10392413_10204414048811672_2834721737513558873_n Boston, 2014

10525921_10204414048691669_8971149453371112702_n Boston, 2014

10505347_10204394773209794_5110345174192350099_n New Orleans, 2014

10527860_10204394751649255_1408876363765437626_n Portland, 2014

10525587_10204394727688656_3988415634582256086_n Seattle, 2014

10525866_10204394608725682_209126765114721393_n Wyoming – Yellowstone National Park, 2014


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