Life takes your ideas

I am not one to think that things just happen to people, I have been telling myself for years that things happen for a reason. As a child I would sit I my front yard and I would cry after realizing that all the ants in my glass container had died. I told myself, the second time I discovered them dead, that they were all being taken to the underground ant gods who saved souls; to me this was incredibly valid. The theory of underground any gods slowly grew into an idea that there is always an answer. I began questioning everything, silently and defiantly throughout high school – this caused a great divide between my mother and I. This questioning phase has yet to wear off and my need to explain everything has not disappeared yet either. So as I sit here on flight 363 to Washington, D.C. about to meet back up with my AneriFamily; I think how is this where I should be when there is a city full of family and friends less than 1000 miles behind me. I wonder and wonder and search for this long lost answer and all I can say for now is Spruce 6.





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